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Cost-effective air gap elimination with Thermal Interface Materials

Our Thermal Interface Materials offer cost-effective thermal filler gap pads and grease, heat transfer paste, gap filler and phase change materials to eliminate air gaps and reduce localized areas of high thermal resistance.

Designed for use in tablets, notebooks, smartphones, gaming systems, action cameras, set up boxes, and wearable devices.



  • Various thermal conductivities, ultra thin bond line thickness and 0ptimal contact thermal resistance
  • Low oil bleeding and outgassing, no filler separation
  • Extreme thermal stability, High temperature endurance
  • Excellent compressibility
  • Easy to rework
  • Cost effectiveness

Phase Change Materials

Phase change materials (PCM) are often used as matrix materials for thermal interface applications...
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Thermal Filler Gap Pads

Honeywell Thermal Filler Gap Pads (TGPs) provide high thermal performance with ease of use for many applications.
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Thermal Grease

Honeywell silicone grease products provide superior thermal performance with ease of use across a multitude of applications.
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Thermal One-Part Hybrid

Thermal conductivity liquid gap fillers have the benefits of shape recovery, strong material cohesion, and thermal stability.
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