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Heat dissipation with long-term reliability

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) are widely employed to manufacture the most critical parts in the heat dissipation system, to cool and protect integrated circuit (IC) chips. Our TIMs are based on proprietary technologies of polymer matrices and thermally conductive fillers, enabling them to handle challenging heat dissipation issues with long-term reliability and low cost of ownership.

Our TIMs portfolio is designed to meet the critical heat dissipation need of electronics devices.

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Phase Change Materials

Phase change materials (PCM) are often used as matrix materials for thermal interface applications...
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Thermal Gap Filler Pads

Honeywell Thermal Gap Filler Pads (TGPs) provide high thermal performance with ease of use for many applications.
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Thermal Putty Pads

Honeywell Thermally Conductive Putty Pads provide high thermal performance and solid thermal reliability. 
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Thermal Insulator

The TIP series is Honeywell’s latest high-performance thermal conductivity and insulation material.
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Thermal Grease

Honeywell silicone grease products provide superior thermal performance with ease of use across a multitude of applications.
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Thermal One-Part Hybrid

Thermal conductivity liquid gap fillers have the benefits of shape recovery, strong material cohesion, and thermal stability.
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Thermal Two-Part Hybrid

HLT series products are two-component, dispensable thermally conductive gels, which offer long-term reliability...
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