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Efficient heat management with TIMs

Managing heat effectively throughout the car can improve performance, and reliability. But thermal management of both the battery and passenger comfort systems is a challenge for manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicles.  The choice of Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) to transfer heat without altering physical properties of the battery or automotive electronics can impact capacity and efficiency. 

Our phase change materials, thermal gap pads, thermal insulators and hybrid TIMs products are most frequently used in automotive Power Control Units (PCUs), converters, inverters, and onboard electronics. Hybrid vehicle (HVs) and electric vehicle (EV) designers employ our thermal interface materials in batteries.      

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  • Various thermal conductivities and form factors
  • Low oil bleeding and outgassing, no filler separation
  • Excellent dispensing property for automation
  • Balanced pot life and curing schedule
  • Extreme thermal stability

Phase Change Materials

Phase change materials (PCM) are often used as matrix materials for thermal interface applications...
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Thermal Two-Part Hybrid

HLT series products are two-component, dispensable thermally conductive gels, which offer long-term reliability...
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Thermal Gap Pads

Honeywell Thermal Gap Pads (TGPs) provide high thermal performance with ease of use for many applications.
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Thermal Insulator

The TIP series is Honeywell’s latest high-performance thermal conductivity and insulation material.
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